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2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric in Golden


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  • 150/122MPG CITY/HWY
  • Proximity Key entry with push button start
  • Blue Link® Telematics System
  • Premium cloth seating surfaces with 6-way height-adjustable front seats
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Impressive driving range.

Impressive Driving Range

If you have a parking space, an electrical outlet and drive less than 60 miles a day then you’re good to go with the Ioniq Electric. Its estimated range is 124 miles on a single full charge, so you can stop to pick up the dry cleaning, a gallon of milk or dinner on the way home.

Interior Controls

Interior Controls

Rethinking the details of every driver interaction, the impact and effect of Ioniq’s modern design and forward thinking is everywhere you look and at every touchpoint.

D-cut steering wheel

D-Cut Steering Wheel

Its design was first used and later perfected in high-performance driving and racing applications. Now, it’s your turn. Grip the thickly padded D-cut steering wheel and go with an added sense of confidence and control.

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Innovation in Design

Innovation in Design

Make every road a more beautiful place. Turn a parking lot into a scenic viewpoint. The Sonata Hybrid exhibits a sleek, sculptured design that achieves a class-leading lowest 0.24 coefficient of drag.

Two Options for Sunroofs


Part of designing a hybrid that’s more beautiful on the inside is giving you a better view of what’s outside. With the available power tilt-and-slide panoramic sunroof, everyone can get their daily dose of sunshine, fresh air and vitamin D.

Automatic High Beam Assist

High-Tech Lighting Adds Visibility

The standard LED Daytime Running Lights and LED taillights not only look great but also increase visibility. The available HID Xenon headlights are a brilliant upgrade, while the available automatic High Beam Assist feature automatically switches from high to low beam headlights when an oncoming vehicle is detected by the forward-looking camera.

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Better driving with your smartphone.

Better Driving With Your Smartphone

Apple CarPlay* & Android Auto* Technology in your car is always better when it’s familiar and personal. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto put the smartphone apps you prefer right on Ioniq’s touchscreen. So you can get your information and entertainment via the interface that’s familiar to you while keeping your eyes ahead on the road and off of your phone. Access maps, navigation, contacts lists, texts, calls, even your music library, seamlessly and safely while driving using the car’s touchscreen or voice recognition.

Calm at the center of your commute.

Calm At The Center Of Your Commute

Experience sound absorbing materials. The Ioniq’s interior is a serene place where you can collect your thoughts, relax or even answer a call with less noise and distraction. The ride is quieter due to added sound absorbing material above the rear wheel wells and thicker glass for the front windows. Plus, every Ioniq features a wind tunnel-tested design that uses air curtains to manage airflow and increase aerodynamics.

Seats that support you are comfortable. Seats that warm you up are better.

Seats That Support You Are Comfortable. Seats That Warm You Up Are Better

Being warm makes you a happier person. Let’s face it, warmth makes everything feel better, more luxurious even. And for those in the colder of climes, these toasty seats prevent your morning drive from being a chilly wake-up call and the low point of your day. It’s nice that something so elemental is so simple; all it takes is the push of a button.

When your car knows you, it knows what to do.

When Your Car Knows You, It Knows What To Do

If you share your car with another driver, here’s another excellent feature. Ioniq’s Integrated Memory System moves the driver seat based on each driver’s stored position. It’s sharing made easier and better. You save time and hassle by just pressing a button. It also comes with easy seat access which moves the seat back once the engine is turned off, making exiting and entering the car easier.

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10 Year Warranty Image 7 Year Warranty Image 5 Year Warranty Image Hybrid Battery Image

Getting the keys to your new Ioniq is awesome. Not needing them is better.

Getting The Keys To Your New Ioniq Is Awesome. Not Needing Them Is Better

Blue Link® provides additional safety, security and connected convenience for your Hyundai. Access the suite of features with your smartphone, smartwatch, a web application, or the in-car system to find that next latte, lock your car from inside the stadium, stay informed on vehicle health, or call for help. In the event of an accident, it can send an automatic collision notification and request assistance. Even securely and remotely start your car and set the climate control to cool the interior on sweltering days or heat the interior and defrost the windshield on cold mornings.

Lights that do more than turn on. They turn when you do.

Lights That Do More Than Turn On. They Turn When You Do

Ioniq’s Dynamic Bending Light is an elegant design solution to a simple question: How can we give drivers better visibility when the road curves? This ingenious system automatically moves the headlights in sync with the steering wheel to provide greater illumination in turns. You can keep focused on the direction you want to go because, after all, you don’t drive in a straight line all of the time.

Safety Systems

Safety Systems

Feeling safe in your surroundings is important to people wherever they are—especially in their cars. So when it comes to safety, Ioniq offers some of the industry’s most innovative and popular features that are available, including Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Warning, a standard rearview camera and 7 airbags including a driver’s knee airbag.

Lifetime Hybrid/Electric Battery Warranty

Lifetime Hybrid/Electric Battery Warranty

The high-capacity lithium-ion polymer battery pack is a technological marvel. And supporting this crucial component with Hyundai's exclusive Lifetime Hybrid/Electric Battery Warranty* shows our absolute commitment to earning your confidence.No more stopping at the gas pump, no oil changes or transmission fluid maintenance, zero tailpipe emissions and enjoy special access to HOV lanes where available.